Record the history of your artwork. From creation details to exhibition and location history and purchase details.
A living history of your artwork
Capture the unique story of your work from creation date to purchase date and beyond.
  • Build a full provenance for each piece and follow its journey.
  • Add descriptions and notes that help record the story behind each work.
Assign your work to a location
Keep track of all the locations that have shown and purchased your art.
  • Assign pieces to locations so you always know which gallery or venue is showing your work.
  • Never send work to the same gallery twice.
  • Know where all your art resides once it has been purchased whether it’s your hometown or an international location.
Exhibition and show tracking
Record exhibitions, shows and competitions.
  • Keep track of submission deadlines, awards, and show dates.
  • Avoid submitting the same work twice to a competition.