Preserve the legacy and value of your art collection.
Prepare for selling your art collection & gifting or donating your art collection
  • Allow your family members and estate planners to access and view your art collection when necessary.
  • Record important information and track key documents.
  • Keep track of appraisals and your collection’s change in value.
Access information in an instant for easy estate planning
Modern databasing specifically for collectors.
  • Record the different locations where your artworks are located.
  • Keep track of works on loan with searchable tags.
  • Maintain key estate planning documents like sales records, appraisals, certificates of authenticity, and communication with gallerists and artists.
Give those managing your estate the tools and resources they need.
Provide access to attorneys, insurance brokers and heirs to key information about your collection.
  • Ensure that your lawyers have the information they need to develop and execute your will.
  • Provide insurance brokers with records when disaster strikes.
  • Make sure your heirs do not have to make guesses or hunt down information. Give them detailed records so that they can honor your wishes and intent.
Safeguard the legacy of your art collection by cataloging your art.
  • Record the history and significance of individual pieces and the art collection you’ve spent your life building.
  • Make it easy for the next generation to continue to maintain your art collection.
  • Preserve the value and authenticity of the work you love through provenance tracking.