From art dealers and gallerists to insurance agents and artists, keep all the contact information you need in one place.
Contact management at your fingertips
Always have access to your important contacts
  • Organize contact details, so you never have to stress about searching for important information in emergency situations.
  • Always have the addresses, phone numbers, emails, and websites you need wherever, whenever.
Schedule reminders
Never miss a key follow-up or deadline.
  • Sync your reminders to your calendar app.
  • Receive weekly reminder emails to stay on top of tasks.
Print address labels
Send updates and correspondences easily.
  • Always have the contact information for digital or physical mailings.
  • Printing is a breeze with Avery Label templates.
Group, sort and filter
Contact tracking has never been so easy. Always find the contact you need.
  • Keep your contact list organized by creating contact groups for groups like artists, appraisers, curators, etc.
  • Stored in the Cloud so you can always get that contact info, no matter where you are.