Share exclusive groupings of your artwork online with select clients and collaborators.
Coordinate with clients
  • Invite your contacts to exclusive online viewings of a selection of your art.
  • Create private online rooms of your artwork exclusively for your collectors and collaborators.
  • A simple interface makes it easy to share select artworks and curate custom collections.
  • Unpublish access at any time.
Drive client engagement and sales
  • Send clients your unique Private Room and help them explore new groupings of works.
  • Present your artwork professionally and specifically tailored to each client or need.
  • Easily share your room with multiple contacts at a time via email or by private link.
Securely share sensitive information
  • Password protect each room and share that password with key clients.
  • Control the amount of information you wish to share in each room.
  • Keep images private to your inventory and only share with those who have access to the Private Room.